Pokemon Helper

First thing you should know about PokeHelper for Pokemon Go is that it opens as an overlay over other apps and has a similar behaviour like Messenger chat heads. Once you open the app and click start a Pokeball will appear which can be dragged to a position of your choosing. When you drag the Pokeball to the bottom, a close circle will appear which enables you to remove the Pokeball of the screen and stop the app. When you click on the Pokeball it will expand and show the Battle Helper. Click it again and it will hide the Battle Helper.

With PokeHelper for Pokemon Go, you can choose the best Pokemon to battle with in PokeGyms by knowing your opponent's weaknesses and knowing your strengths. You can also calculate the minimum and maximum CP you can get when evolving a Pokemon by clicking on the calculator icon. Moreover, the Pokeball will show you the server status of Pokemon Go. It will be green if the server is online, orange if Pokemon Go server is unstable, and red if the Pokemon Go server is down.

  • Client : Personal Project
  • Category : Android design, Android development
  • Date : July 2016

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